[MMWiki] Confluence to MoinMoin Wiki converter

Bradley Dean bjdean at bjdean.id.au
Thu Mar 29 15:03:46 EST 2012

Hi Paul,

we have indeed stalled - really at the moment we've produced the 
confluence -> moinmoin markup mapping on the moinmo.in wiki (thanks for 
your help with that) and we have a very crude first pass at extracting 
meaningful structure from the XML export.

The XML, as I've mentioned in emails to this list, is quite nasty and I 
ran out of time back when I was working on this actively before I got a 
satisfactory extraction up and going.

There was a bit of a conversation going about the logical structure of 
the converter. At the time it felt like the idea was that if the 
converter ran in three phases (xml -> in-memory structure, structure 
mapping and then moinmoin markup (or moinmoin dom as per the next 
version of moinmoin)) then multiple people could work concurrently on 
those areas.

As nothing really came of that I've been thinking that if I had the time 
I'd like to get the XML extract sorted out and write as simple a 
converter into moinmoin markup as possible, rather than swelling too 
much on a more complicated structure.

If you wanted to you could grab the source as it is and see if it makes 
any sense to you (I'm happy to answer questions about what I was up to). 
We've also mostly looked at markup rather than the moinmoin import 
process. If we were going with version 1.9 the process looked manual but 
quite easy (ie the directory and file structure is pretty easy to 
mimic). For version 2 the idea was that the API would do all the work 
and that the MoinMoin DOM would take away the problem of building the 
actual markup - the downside being that it's not stable yet.



On 28/03/12 09:04, Paul Boddie wrote:
> Hello,
> A while back I tried to help out with the mapping of Confluence syntax to Moin
> syntax, and I wondered whether there was any further progress on the
> converter or whether there might be something that I could be looking at to
> help move the project along. Anyone?
> Paul
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